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Let The Season Begin!

(Not pictured: Morgen Allen)

Thank to everyone that attended our first debate camp! It is hard to believe that we spent 27 hours learning about debate! There were 4 guest lectures, 8 hours working in breakout groups, and so much more. Time flew by!

For our new people: we'd love to have you join the debate team during the school year. Those of you that attended camp do not need to go through the normal audition process to join the team. Here are some details:

  • If you have any questions you can contact us at:

  • Cori Roberts ( - The assistant coach who primarily works with first year debaters

  • Nick Smith ( - The head coach who oversees debate duties

  • Dr. Voss ( - The director of debate who handles administrative duties

  • Students join our Slack (a collaborative working platform) by emailing Nick Smith (info above).

  • Weekly practice schedule at AVHS is below. We're incredibly flexible for students that do other activities or have other commitments. Just let us know and we can work something out.

  • Monday 3-5pm

  • Wednesday 3-5pm

  • Thursday 3-5pm

  • New student informational sessions (Room B121 at AVHS)

  • Thursday 9/2 2:45-3:15pm (with coach Nick)

  • Wednesday 9/8 2:45-3:15pm (with coach Cori)

  • We compete at tournaments on the weekends (mostly on Saturdays) through December. After that, there are additional competitive opportunities as well as traveling tournaments. More information about after winter break opportunities will be announced later.

  • The topic for September/October tournaments is: "Resolved: states ought to abolish their nuclear arsenals". So feel free to continue researching this topic!

For returning people (JV/Varsity):

  • Keep researching the topic "Resolved: The member nations of the World Trade Organization ought to reduce intellectual property protections for medicines.

  • The first practice of the season is this Monday 8/30 from 3-5pm at AVHS. Safety permitting, practices will generally be in-person unless otherwise noted. The practice schedule will be added to the team google calendar, but generally:

  • Monday 3-5pm

  • Tuesday 3-5pm

  • Wednesday 3-5pm (Optional & online)

  • Thursday 3-5pm

  • The tentative tournament schedule is available on the speech & debate google calendar. It is also available on

  • Help us get our teammates that hibernated during the summer back on slack and back into things!

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