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A Rapid Recap of 21-22

The team had an incredible 21-22 season and is looking forward to a stellar 22-23!

NSDA Nationals (Louisville, KY)

Alharith Dameh placed 8th in the nation!

Kacee Wells advanced to elimination rounds.

NCFL Nationals (Washingto DC)

John Schwartz, Alharith Dameh, and Kacee Wells all had winning records.

Berkeley (California Invitational, Online)

Kacee Wells and Leah Willingham (first varsity tournament!) had winning records.

Minnesota State Tournament

Nora Bolsoni placed 7th

Kacee Wells received the All-State award.

Section Tournament

John Schwartz (repeat Section champion) and Nora Bolsoni (2nd place) qualify for the Minnesota State Tournament!

John Edie Holiday Debates hosted by The Blake School

Nora Bolsoni (Octafinalist) and Kacee Wells (seeded over by a teammate) advanced elimination rounds.

National Qualifier

Alharith Dameh qualifies for NSDA Nationals.

John and Nora advance to elimination rounds and are the first two alternates.

JV/Novice State

Rogelio Lopez places 2nd in JV.

Claire Kachelmyer was a Octafinalist in novice.

Leah Willingham received 6th speaker award in JV.


Noral Bolsoni placed 6th.

Kacee Wells placed 7th.

John Schwartz placed 9th and received 4th place speaker award.

Alharith Dameh received 5th place speaker award.

Rogelio Lopez placed 2nd and received 3rd place speaker award in JV.

Leah Willingham placed 3rd and received 4th place speaker award in JV.

Alix Giammona placed 6thand received 6th place speaker award in novice.

The Glenbrooks (IL, Online)

Leah Willingham placed 2nd in JV.

Nora Bolsoni had a winning prelim record.

Robbinsdale Birds of Prey

John Schwartz placed 6th.


Leah Willingham was a Semifinalist in JV.

Claire Kachelmyer was an Octafinalist in novice.

ERHS Raptor Invitational

Kacee Wells placed 5th.

Leah Willingham placed 2nd and was top speaker in JV.

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