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Minnesota State Championship

Each January the Minnesota State High School League hosts the oldest and longest-running championship in state history. Only the top 24 Lincoln-Douglas debaters across the state get to compete the MSHSL State Debate Tournament, which they can qualify for by placing in the top 6 of their school's section tournament. 

2023 Leah Willingham - Second, Top Speaker

2022 Nora Bolsoni - Seventh Place

2021 Nora Bolsoni - Third Place, Top Speaker

2018 Kenan Anderson - First Place

2017 Kenan Anderson - First Place 

2009 Michelle Keohane - First Place

2004 Tim Hogan - First Place

2004 Chris Bentley - Second Place 

2003 Tim Hogan - Second Place

2000 Kelsey Olson - Second Place

1999 Joe Sexton & Erin Kaufenberg - First Place

1997 Cherian Koshy - First Place

1996 Mike Mettler & Tony Hoang - Second Place

1993 Andrea Singh - Second Place

1992 Seth Halvorson - Second Place

1991 Seth Halvorson - Second Place

1987 Craig Trapanier & Jon Powers - Second Place

NSDA Nationals 


Since 1931, the National Speech and Debate Tournament has elevated public speaking. Every summer, more than 6,000 middle and high school students travel to the largest academic competition in the world to debate current events, voice their views, and share their stories. After months of preparation, rigorous qualifying tournaments, and five days of prestigious national competition, the best of the best will be crowned champions in front of a live audience of thousands and tens of thousands more streaming the events online.

2023 Leah Willingham - Sixth Place, Second Speaker

2022 Alharith Dameh - Eighth Place

2018 Kenan Anderson - Sixteenth Place

2011 John Granlund - Sixth Place

2011 Luke Stuttgen - Twelth Place

2007 Tim Greenfield - Four-Time National Qualifier

2007 Michelle Keohane - Sixth Place

1998 Jessica Bailey - Second Place

1998 Andy Poker - Sixth Place

1992 Jay Sokolovsky - Third Place

Tournament of Champions (TOC)


The TOC is one of the most prestigious and competitive high school speech & debate tournaments. The tournament has a rigorous qualification process and is hosted each spring by the University of Kentucky Debate Team.

2009 Chris Theis - First Place (also the only debater to win the LD TOC twice)

2008 Chris Theis - First Place

2004 Tim Hogan - Second Place

2002 Kelsey Olson - Second Place

1996 David Singh - Second Place

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